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Providing hope and healing for all of life’s journeys.

♢ Individuals

Counselling Services

♢ Family & Children

♢ Teens & Young Adults

♢ Relationship Skills

♢ Identify Root Causes

Anxiety & Stress

♢ Become A Powerful Person

♢ Journey Through Fears

♢ Find Strategies for Stress

♢ Overcome Perfectionism & Embrace Grace

♢ Enhance Parent/Child Relationship

Child & Family Counselling

♢ Emotional Regulation Strategies

♢ Improve Child Behavior

♢ Create Family Cohesion

♢ Explore Your Beliefs

Teens & Young Adults

♢ Navigate Relationships

♢ Develop Your Identity

♢ Manage Stress & Anxiety

♢ Explore Your Desired Future

♢ Energize Relationships


♢ Create Deeper Connections

♢ Improve Communication

♢ Empower Your Partner

♢ Experience Healing & Restoration

Counselling & Assessment Services

Grief & Loss

Explore your emotions and experiences to journey towards acceptance, hope, and healing.

Career Transitions & Life Direction

Learn more about navigating personal or vocational transitional seasons by connecting with your purpose, strengths, and protective factors.


We specialize in ADOS-II (Autism Spectrum Disorder) assessments as well as cognitive, academic, and behavioral assessments. We are also available to provide contract psychological and academic services to individual schools and school districts. Please give us a call to find out how we can help your child, your school, or your school district.

Services For Children With Special Needs

Our team includes practitioners with experience as teachers, behavioral consultants, school counsellors, and psychologists working collaboratively with families and schools to support children with diverse needs.


Energize your relationships and create a deeper personal connection with those you love. Recognize how to enhance communication, resolve conflict, honor each other’s strengths and weaknesses, express love, and create a shared vision of your future.

Children & Family

Challenging children? Learn more about enhancing the parent-child relationship, expressing love more effectively, developing more effective structures to enhance family functioning, improving child behavior, and building social and emotional skills for successful living.

Teens & Young Adults

Growing up involves many transitions like finding yourself, learning to manage various stressors, navigating relationships with parents and friends, and finding your place in the world. With support, transitioning from a teen to an adult does not have to be difficult.

Spiritual Direction

Do you feel lost or unfulfilled? Explore the transforming power of unconditional love that will lead you into realms of inner peace, direction, and purpose.

Counselling Services At Family Care Psychology

  • Family Care Services

    Family Care Psychology provides services to individuals, couples, children, and families. We offer a range of therapeutic and assessment services in both clinical and school settings. We are pleased to offer counselling services well as psychological and academic assessment to residents of Edmonton, Stony Plain, Spruce Grove, Devon, Parkland County, and Leduc County.

  • Family Care Practitioners

    We are a group of psychologists and professional practitioners who are committed to providing a high standard of professionalism and ethical care for you and your family.

  • Appointment Availibilty

    Family Care Psychology provides a range of services, and flexibility in booking appointments, with therapists available days, evenings or weekends.

  • Billing

    As we provide direct billing for some psychological services we recommend contacting your benefits provider to determine the details of your coverage.

  • Family Care Values

    Our practitioners are trauma-informed and trained in various therapeutic techniques such as EMDR, cognitive behavioral therapy, solution focused therapy, and creative/play based therapies. Please learn more about each of our counsellors to explore the unique services provided by each of our practitioners.

  • Become Your Authentic Self

    Our hope is to help you become your authentic self by discovering strategies to enhance the way you think, feel, and interact with others. We believe that counselling should be a collaborative process that provides clients with the power and courage to move towards emotional wholeness.

  • Authenticity

    Be Real & Be Yourself

  • Empowerment

    Be Powerful & Seize Every Moment

  • Identity

    Love Yourself & Be Confident In Who You Are

“Sometimes, reaching out and taking someone’s hand is the beginning of a journey. At other times, it is allowing another to take yours.” ― Vera Nazarian

What Do We Believe?

  • You Are Unique

    Every person is unique and possesses incredible strengths.

    When you catch a glimpse of your potential, that’s when passion is born. – Zig Ziglar

    Discover the joy that can only be found in fully becoming yourself. Our passion is helping people discover their uniqueness and find their best self.

  • You Are Powerful

    Your choices today become your tomorrow.

    Powerful people do not try to control other people. They know it doesn’t work, and that it’s not their job. Their job is to control themselves. – Danny Silk

    Powerful people create a culture of freedom and empowerment. We can help you become the powerful person that you were made to be.

  • Change Is Possible

    Thinking or feeling differently is challenging, but can also be simple. With practice, it’s possible to cultivate healthy perspectives.

    The more effort you invest, the more likely you are to experience change. There is no elevator to success… you have to take the stairs. – Zig Ziglar

    As a culture, we embrace spending considerable time and energy into our appearance. We believe your inner self deserves equal time and attention.

  • Vision Is Essential

    If you can dream it, you can achieve it. Vision will ignite the fire of passion that fuels our commitment to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to achieve our goals. – Zig Ziglar

    Only vision allows us to transform dreams of greatness into the reality of achievement. Vision has no boundaries and knows no limits. Our vision is what we become in life. – Tony Dungy

    Together let’s create a vision of hope for your future.

  • Attitude is Important

    A positive attitude will enable you to soar above the storms of life. Your attitude determines the creative boundaries for your future.

    Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude. – Zig Ziglar

    Great minds think alike. Positive people attract positive people.

  • Failure = Opportunity

    Failure is an event, not a person. – Zig Ziglar

    Life does not always go as planned. Your options are to complain or to look ahead and figure out how to make the situation better. – Tony Dungy

    Failure is an invitation for future success. As you embrace grace, mistakes will become the stepping stones to future success.

It’s about the journey – mine and yours – and the lives we can touch, the legacy we can leave, and the world we can change for the better. – Tony Dungy

What is Counselling Like?

  • Counselling Can Be Comfortable

    Going to counselling for the first time can be intimidating.

    Our first priority is to create an environment that makes you feel comfortable.

    Our hope is that counselling can be as relaxing and rejuvenating as going for a cup of coffee with a friend.

  • First Sessions

    Our first session is devoted to understanding you.

    By exploring your journey and the challenges you have faced, we hope to foster insight and help you feel empowered to tackle your present circumstances.

    Taking the time to understand you and your journey is really important to us.

  • Your Journey, Your Choice

    Our goal is to support your journey.

    As your faithful co-pilot, our role is to provide suggestions of various therapeutic exercises and activities based on your preferences and goals.

    We provide ideas, but you choose the direction we will take.

  • Authentic

    We hope counselling feels as real, raw, and meaningful as a conversation with a friend.

    We value maintaining very professional yet authentic relationships with our clients.

    We strive to make our therapeutic space welcoming and safe – laughter is often heard in our halls, as a good belly laugh can relieve much heartache.

  • Empower & Encourage

    You are a powerful and brave person. Yet, sometimes you probably don’t feel this way.

    We are here to remind you of the truth. You are powerful.

    We believe therapy should be an empowering (provide you with power) and encouraging (provide you with courage) experience. We hope you can leave feeling more powerful and filled with more courage than when you came in.

  • How Long Does Therapy Last?

    Counselling can be ongoing or only a few sessions, depending on your needs and desired outcome. At the beginning of therapy, we will decide together on a tentative schedule and make changes as needed.

    Our door is always open and as future challenges arise, you are more than welcome to return at any time.

    Life can be draining. Counselling can be an opportunity to recharge your batteries and live at full power.

The Counselling Journey

L is all about our journeys. Whatever you are facing today, we welcome the opportunity to journey with you. On this journey, we hope to help you overcome challenges and find the beauty in each chapter of your story.

Pain often makes us feel powerless. However, pain can be one of the most powerful agents of change on the journey of becoming as you discover the powerful person inside of you is greater than circumstances surrounding you. Whether your pain is personal (depression, anxiety, confusion, hopelessness, discouragement, disappointment, loneliness, grief, or fear) and/or relational (loss of relationships or relational difficulties), it would be an honor to journey with you.


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